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I have been a math and computer teacher all my life and just retired two years ago.  I am still heavy into computers in that I do webpages for knife makers.  I usually don't charge them but instead trade them a knife per year for their page.  It has worked out well since I have a real nice collection of custom knives!  I probably have more hobbies and interests than most people.  I used to also professionally clown so dab in that in a volunteer basis still.  My main hobby is mountain biking and fishing.  In the winter is cross-country ski.  I enjoy camping and combine it with the fishing and mtn. biking.  I am in to throwing knives and hawks so compete in the mountain men rendevouz periodically as well.  Lately I have been in to collecting neck knives since they are so concealable but still useful.  I like shooting and have 4 handguns.  Having a custom made holster made right now for the latest one I bought which is a Springfield xd-40 subcompact.  Should be a nice carry piece.

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