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Survivorman Les Stroud wearing my chain sinnet bracelet!

Photos courtesy of Laura Bombier (Les Stroud's still photographer and marketing agent).
Les wearing my survival bracelet(like #106 chain sinnet style) in chocolate brown in his Episode 2 in Malaysia.


Les in one of his shows with my chain sinnet bracelet on....another pic down below.

Bracelet Section


67B. A knot and loop with an in-and-out weave. $15

68B. New style of camo that I used to make a loop and knot bracelet for myself.  This one is my favorite. $15 shipped

69B. A blue and grey loop and knot bracelet. $15 shipped

70B.  Nice chain sinnet style with one cord being black reflective. $15

71B. Jeff's bracelet he is taking to Nairobi made out of desert camo. $15

72B. Zigzag bracelet using chocolate brown.  A very nice narrow bracelet.  $15

73B.  Riverbar bracelet  Similiar in size to 70B above.  Nice pattern. $15

74B. Another shot of the riverbar

75B.  $15

76B. Another example of the zigzag bracelet like #72B.  $15

Les Stroud at shot show 2012 showing off my bracelet like the one in pic to see larger view

78B. More examples of the bracelets (top left has the core in so you can see the difference). $15
79B. A zigzag bracelet with a buckle. $15 80B. Survival bracelet made with od and black. $15

81B. Bracelet I made for a friend in Hungary using one skull. $17

82B A few chain sinnet style showing different color combos possible. $15 83B. Good comparison with all fitting the same wrist but different looking.  King Cobra on the right. $15 for smaller and King Cobra is $20 84B. King Cobra on the wrist. $20

85B. Neat skulls sewn on to the bracelet.  Cost for similar piece would be $19 including shipping. 86B. Two king cobra bracelets resting on my Glock 27.  They are for a customer in Hawaii. $20 87B. A nice all one color(tan) in king cobra style. $20

88B.My watch and a friends I did.  Don't really like to do these since sizing is a real ........ but when they turn out they look really nice.  One on right is a king cobra stitch.  One on left is king cobra but with the core out. Not available

89B. Couple of smaller ones with the core out for some younger folk. $15

90B. Nice shot of two king cobras in od and tan using one long strand of paracord...about 19'. $20
91B. This shows the difference when the core is taken out.  Two on right are without the core and one underneath has the core in it.  All are king cobras.  You can see the difference in the width. $20 92B.  This is a husband and wife matching pair.  Husband has the larger king cobra and wife has the regular bracelet. regular $15, King $20 93B. Another shot of the king cobra bracelet in all black. $20
94B.  Made these for 3 guys so called the bracelets the 3 amegos.  Little skulls add that extra that makes them different.  $19 95B.  Half-hitch bracelet.  Really a fun weave. $15 96B.  Great comparison of the same size bracelets but different styles.  Top is a normal with core, orange one is the half-hitch style, second from the bottom is a king cobra without the core and bottom is the king cobra with the core.

97B. Nice reflective and black half-hitch bracelet. $15 98B.  Great kingcobra with acu and tan.  This one has been sent to Belgium. $20 99B.  Nice camo with black half-hitch bracelet. $15

100B.  ACU camo in center and black on outside survival bracelet with core in.  $15 101B.   Unusual in that this has two colors throughout with a continuous braid. $20 plus $4.60 shipping. 102B.  King cobra with acu on the inside and black on the outside. Will fit a 7" wrist the best. $20 plus $4.60 for shipping.
103B.  Nice assortment of colors of core out regular bracelets. $15 each. 104B. Bottom one(od & tan) will fit around a 7 3/16" wrist and the top one(black & tan) will fit around a 7 5/16" wrist.  They go for $12 each. 105B. New style of bracelet using the chain sinnet braid.  Little narrower than the ones like #104 but not much.  Pic is a little blurry but you can see the style. $15 shipped in conus

106B.  Another shot of the bracelet in #105 107B. a weave (in and out) bracelet that sits on your wrist very nicely (is soft) using the knot and loop style. $15 108B. bracelet by itselft

109B. same bracelet from the underside. 110B. Another example of #107 in different colors. $15 111B. Top is a king cobra knot and loop and bottom is like #110 but with an emerson skull as a knot. $20 for each.

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