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Tutorial on how to string on lanyard to your knife.  Click here.


Fobs Section

7. Nice green and yellow key ring ladder fob. Can make these in one or two colors of your choosing. $8 shipped in conus 8. This 1" monkey fist incorporates a diamond braid, to a snake weave and finally to a hangman's noose with a swivel clip. Really like this style. $16 9. Nice set of keychain glow pulls $7

9B.  This one is going to a Navy friend soon boarding a ship which will be attached to his double gunner.  Really like the combo of stitches. $11

9C. Nice bunch of glowpulls $7 and bumblebees $10.

9D.  Square stitiching with skull embedded in stitching. $16



10. These are made with the twist stitch and are very solid measuring about 3". $12



13. Nice stylish lanyard for a lot of occasions.$11

14. This is a fog I tied for myself and if done for someone else without the capsule I would need to make the loop longer on the capsule end.  $15

15. Unusual lanyards in a couple of ways; hidden inside is a flint rod as well as the skulls being securely embedded at the end.  Long loop was to accommodate a customers knife handle. $16 shipped.


16. Nice elegant looking lanyard that could serve many purposes for keys, zipper pull, knives, etc. $6

17. Smaller fobs on left. $10 Neck lanyard is $11. Monkey fist is $15 and long fob with clip is $15

18. Nice diamond braided dog leash with handle interwoven with snake weave on top. $26 shipped in conus.


19.  Nice butterfly knot with snake weave above. $10

20.Two nice fists with reflective cord and a wooden ball for the core for lightness.  $15

21. Same as #7 but orange and black. $8


22. This is a very cool system that Eric came up with on another forum.  The lanyard ends glow in the dark.  Can use this around any flashlight or other thing.  Especially useful in camping since it will glow in the dark all night. $15 23. Nice whistle fob. $12

 24.  $7 The snake weave makes an interesting looking lanyard with the weave "snaking" around the lanyard.  Core is taken out to fit in a knife hole if desired.

Nice set of toxic green and tan pulls going out to Ohio.  Really classy I think.

25. This enables you to have two or more keys with one you can detach(by unhooking the buckle) and use else where while the others remain in place. $9

26.  $7 27.  $11

28. Nice style of glowpull that can be looped on a knife as well as other things. $7

30. These were all sent to New Jersey.  Very cool bunch of glow pulls. $7

31. These three are headed to Sweden.  Whistles on the end work really well and you can hook on to most anything. $12

31B. This is made with acu camo and black using a 3/4" ball-bearing and snake stitch.  Could use for knife, keys, flashlight or whatever you like.  Little heavier than the other monkey fists with the larger size bearing. Measures about 7" total length. goes for $15 shipped.

32. 14" lanyard built for a British friend who will hook the keychain end on a striker steel and the other end will hook on his knife.  White cord glows in the dark.  $15

33. These are real beauties with the eyes really glowing even in dim light.  Usually measure around 5" total and can make colors in two or one solid color.  Skulls sometimes take a while to get so order before you think you need it.  $16 shipped.

34. A close-up of the skull of #33

35. These slings use soft elkhide for the puch and turks head knot for the ends.  Can also make a loop for one of the ends if one desires.  $30

36. Another style of sling with a loop on one of the ends.  $30

37. Key chain style big mean skull. $16 shipped.  Can make the stitch much shorter for a knife lanyard.  Available only if skulls are available.

38. My previously owned "pimped" AR with a Lanyard Zone skull and snake stitch. $10 shipped with the skull and $6 shipped without the skull. This  is tied to the knife so yours would look a little different at the attachment unless you send the knife.

39. Smaller fob made for a flash II knife for a firefighter using 2 mil cord and glow in the dark white cord. $15

40. Nice hook and snake-stitch lanyard for keys or otherwise going for $8.  Measures about 7" total length. 

41. Multi-colored monkey fist using a 3/4" bearing and snake weave.  Can fit on a knife or key chain. $12 + shipping

42. nice ti clip on one end and split ring on other with double hangman's noose with three other knots.  Going for $22 because of the expense of the ti clip.



44. This one is particularly nice since it has three separate knots; a monkey fist with a 1/2" ball bearing in it, a turks head and a circle stitch.  Would make a nice lanyard on most anything! $13

44B. They measure about 6" but can vary per customer order.  They use a fascimile of type 1 cord.  Going for $5 plus shipping. 

49. For Gary long; one is $12 and other two are $7

50. New color of green that goes well with the od green $7

51. Two key ring styles; monkey fist for $12 and snake weave one for $5.


53. Really proud of this one that I made especially for Halloween. $20

54A. One of my favorite ways to do a monkey fist with a snake weave for the stitching.  $10

54B More examples of the survival lanyards. $15

54c. Three I made for a customer that are all different and actually different than I have done before.  Especially like the ring since it is one continuous cord except for the loop at the top.First and second one are $12 and third is $10

54D.  Circle pull on the left taking with a flash to show how it reflects next to a large Sebenza.$13

55. Nice monkeyfist lanyard. $15

56. Nice little monkey fist with square stitching and then a hangman's noose $20

57. Nice corkscrew lanyard with key ring. $20

58. These show the different looks of the survival lanyards with the thicker flint core for the three on the left and the far right one using the skinnier, longer one.  $15 shipped without skulls.

59. One style has a 7" snake weave stitching with a lobster clip on the end $17 and the other allows one to slip their hand through the loop and tighten it up for a snug grip. $14 Both have a 1" ball bearing as the core. 60. Here we have the same as #59 with the 7" length but also 3 of these with 5" length. $17

61. This one turned out really cool with the skulls on the end.  For a customer's all terrain vehicle which is also orange and black. $25

62. $15

63. Top one sells for $17 with monkey fist, lanyard knot, circle stitch and emerson skull.  Bottom one sells for $12 and is a nice twist stitch.

 64. Nice monkey fist with a 3/4" bearing inside it makes it a very nice size. $10

65.  close-up of #64

66. alternate stitch ring with half of the core taken out in the loop so it would even fit through a smaller hole like for a knife. $15




67. Very cool lanyards with the colors divided evenly.  Can make whatever color combo you would like. OD and Black. $12 + shipping

68. Really like this one since it has a Chinese staircase for the stitching which makes it more unique.  Half of the loop has the core out so it will go into a knife hole as well.  Get this one and no one else will have one like it. $12

69. Still another survival lanyard with an Emerson skull. $20



73.  Nice lanyard with a 1/2" ball bearing in the core of the monkey fist and black reflective lace. $15

74. Two fists using 3/4" bearings. One all black and one bi-color. $12

74a.  Nice monkey fist using reflective cord with the yellow on the fireman's GB. $15

74b. Another great shot of the GB with the monkey fist. $15

75. Have you ever been fishing or somewhere and dropped your knife.  Won't happen with this outfit.  Knife and sheath are not included of course but any neck knife would work.  There is one loop in the webbing for the carabiner (included) and two loops on the other end of the webbing; one to hook on to the kydex sheath and one to hook on to the knife itself.  You can see this in the picture with the lanyard on edge.  I can make these in other colors.  A small piece of lanyard is provided to tie from the web loop to the kydex sheath.  An added feature on this lanyard is that I used stretch cord from the second web loop to the knife.  That give you a little more flexibility to use your knife.  All-in-all I think this one is a real winner.  I can see it attached to a fisherman's vest, tactical vest, pack, belt, etc.  Prefer paypal but will take money orders as well. $20 plus shipping.

76. Notice the middle loop is the stretch cord allowing more movement of the knife

77. On edge you can see the two webbing loops that attach to the sheath and knife separately.

78. This one is $20 and just think how you could keep your keys straight by putting them on different loops (loops can be provided with key-rings on them.  As usually different colors could be used.  The knot is called a good luck knot by the way $20

79.  This one goes for $12 and is a real beaut.  Measures about 5" overall and ring size is about 1 3/8" so not so large but a real conversation piece as well beyond the fact it is useful.
80. These are called ringers since they are laced around a keyring.  Loop has half the core out so you can put them through the holes on knives too.  Use them for whatever you want.  $7 each and you choose the shipping; $4.60 extra for priority and $1 extra for first class 81.  Nice combo of monkey fist, lanyard knot and snake weave which would fit on a knife or key ring. Regular size measuring about 5 1/2" using a 1/2" ball bearing. $12 82.   Total of 11" long with 7" of stitching. $17
82B. 10" total length with a 1" ball bearing using a nice snake weave. $18 Same as on the left but different view. 83. This uses a square and circle stitch alternately with a tad hook and glow pull on the end.  Goes for $7 plus shipping.  Can make any color combos you wish.

84.  Glow beads intermixed in a cobra weave.  Going for $5.  Order any color combos you wish. 85.  Monkey fist with snake weave and tadgear hook. $12  Whistle with acu snake weave. $9 86. Here is the snake stitch lanyard which is quite flexible and adaptable to your needs. $15



    89. Nice underhand loop lanyard.  $10

  91.  Nice Emerson skull between the monkey fist and circle stitch.  $17(includes emerson skull) 92. Great color combo of burgundy and tan with a tadgear skull at the end.  $15

95. This goes for $10 and the hangman's knot slips up or down the loop to accommodate different lengths.  Can make any colors you wish 96. Another pic of #95 with the knot extended. .97. Nice one with a Smuktelli skull and glow pull with the smaller miltec stitching done double in cobra weave.  $15
98. These ladder fobs can be made in one or two colors and shorter or longer.  I think they are one of the nicer fobs for your keys since they are so easy to hold on to. $8 99. Quite unusual monkey fist measuring about 8" long using a 3/4" bearing.  Little knot in center is called a stopper knot and then an unusual double hangman's noose since pulling on the red by the stopper knot will make the loop shorter as well as pulling on the red at the end where the half-hitch knot is located. $17 100. This is about 6" long and you could easily clip it to a pack, belt loop or whatever.  When you unclip the buckle the whistle is ready to blow and has a nice loud sound.  Green is a little darker and brighter than the picture shows.  $10

101. this monkey fist uses a forest green which is very close to grey.  Can use this on a knife or other fob use. $10 102.  My own invention of a kubaton.  Used a stairstep/half-hitch weave which makes it very good for gripping.  Used superglue in a couple of places to secure better and the loop is secured by knotting at opposite end and then pulling in and super gluing.This one measures a little over 3" in the body and uses a tadgear skull.  Very elegant but makes a nice kubaton. $19 102. same as the one on the left.
103. Same type of kubaton as #102 but has a 4" body and longer loop.  Also has the core in the paracord that goes around the body. $22 103. same as on the left 104. Pic doesn't show it but this one is only 5" long.  Would make a great key fob or knife lanyard either way.  This type uses miltec 1 cord which is close to 2 mm thick. $12
105 $5 + shipping. The knot on the lanyard is separate and moves along the cords like the plastic barrel locks work.  It is fixed firmly so it can secure your wrist to the knife handle if you want.  Can make these in any color combos you would like. 106B. Another pic showing the knot slid up further. 106C.  pic of it on my left hand so I could take a picture myself and it is not pulled firmly around my wrist but could.


  108. Nice lanyard setup with a Lanyard Zone skull with glow in the dark eyes, some cobra braiding and then a glow in the dark skull. $18 shipped 109. Same as 108 but different knife and view. Nice skull from Lanyard Zone, cobra weave and a glow in the dark skull above on this hinderer.  $18
110. Turkish survival lanyard on an Emerson cqc-10. $16 Turkish survival lanyard, I call it.  Has a Turks Head at the end with a flint rod embedded in the circle stitching.  $16.  112. Nice monkey like #113 except shorter with a lobster clasp.  $15 + postage.


113. Beautiful monkey fist using orange and black reflective cord.  Can be used for knife or keys.  $15 + postage. 114. Nice pull pin keeper with 2 nail spool weave and 25mm mcgizmo hook on other end. $17 115.



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