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Knife Gallery(neckers)

Incredibly light neck knife made by Philip Smith using 01 tool steel.  Notice the neck lanyard by me and knife lanyard by Philip.

Neck knife made by Larry Pridgen using a ladder damascus steel.  I laced the handle.

Orange G10 with 52100 steel neck knife made by Gerry McGinnis.

My favorite necker by Peter Atwood.

Krein microchef with zero chisel grind and verrry sharp.

My Strider hak of S30V steel by Frontsight along side my McGinnis necker.

Bill Siegle neck knife

Peter Atwood Spanner baby

e3 Neck knife with mastodon ivory and damascus steel

Knifewerks damascus necker.


Jens Anso Sheepsfoot.  A very sought after knife.  This baby has damascus and burl wood as a combo.  Can't beat it.

Another pic of my Anso Sheepsfoot.

Eric Elson dash1 knife.  Can't ask for a sharper point! As of January 07 all my neck knives.
This is a Burchtree Kiradashi.  Beautiful work of art as well as functional.  This has got to be one of my tops in favorite neck knives. Jens nice little neck knife with glow pull. A knife I designed and Michael Burch made.  Paracord slot is beveled on both sides and cuts cord great.
Alan Folts made this prototype necker and it is a wonder to hold and very light weight.  One of the best I have! Got this from Rick Lindsey.  Wrapped the handle myself and is a great hide-away knife. Spencer's Sarclops.  Unique neck knife with the thumb hole and very handy to hold and cut with.
Great dashi from Michael again.  His work is just impeccable! LaGriffe neck knife really is cool in the hand.  Very light weight and functional. Nice old stock SLCC with a bi-color monkey fist.
Jose Diaz neck knife with earth magnet sheath.  Would make a great camp or cooking knife too. Kiku hornet Another view of the Hornet

A great knife from Spartan Knives with a very special bead on lanyard.    

Knife Gallery (larger knives)


Model 3 Camp Knife.  10" overall, 5 1/4" hollow ground .200" D2 steel with bead blasted Grey G10 handles.

Three Primos knives from top to bottom: Montero, El Camino, and Platypus. This is one of the first hunters Terry made and is deadly sharp like the rest in my collection.

My newest cutting competition knife from Jose Diaz made of 52100 steel. My newest competition knife made of san mai damascus.  200 layer 1080/15N20 random pattern with a 52100/4140 san mai core. Nice shot showing the san mai core

Good shot where you can barely see Jose's logo When you click to see larger view you can see all the detail that goes in to making these Lucky enough to get this Primos El Camino with burl that is just exceptional.

Knife Gallery(folding knives)


Mick Strider Custom Nightmare grind smf with S30V

RJ Martin Devastator An Emerson cqc-10 that Gadget Guy gave me.
Strider SMF double gunner which makes it a little thinner in the handle than the others and is very nice to hold. My all-time user.  Really a tough and sharp knife and flips open without any effort. My Burchtree bamboo folder.  Very unique knife!
A great flipper the zt300 and has the usn logo on it. Chinese Lum Spyderco with Steel Flame bracelet. Les Voorhies flipper  using ikbs system.
Super Six Emerson knife with Starlingear goat bead    

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