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My Lanyards on Others' Knives


1M.  My lanyard on a benchmade $15

 2M. Three of my lanyards on(from top to bottom); Srider, Begg and Demko/Graham. (pic provided by Dave Sawyer) $7

3M. Two knives of Dave Sawyer's with my lanyards. $7

4M. The Demko/Graham close up. (pic provided by Dave Sawyer) $7

5M. Closer shot of the Begg with my lanyard. (pic provided by Dave Sawyer) $7

 6M. Lanyard I made for Steve for his beautiful RC with skull is $25

7M. Lanyard I made for Sam on his SMF with a Tadgear skull. $15

8M. My lanyard on Mark's MSC double gunner. with skull is $15 9M. A Krein UbK with one of my lanyards I did for a customer. $35

10M. First 3 skull lanyard I have made for a customer. With skulls is $25

11M. A new knife wrap using a chinese staircase on a Three Sister's Forge knife. $17

12M. A monkey fist lanyard on a Bud Nealy knife.$20



13M. An assortment of knives and lanyards. 14M. 3 skull lanyard on a Tom Krein knife $30 15M. A Krein Caper with one of my lanyards. with skull $15
16M. A Graham Brothers knife with my monkey fist lanyard. $17 17M. Key fob for Fausto in Italy. $13 18M. A circle stitch lanyard on Keith's BM 551SBT. $7


19M. Circle stitch with lanyard knot on Keith's titanium 970ST.  $7


21M. DDC CC with my lanyard.  What a great looking knife!  $12(without skull)


 22M. Nice pair of striders with Starlinggear skulls and my lanyards. $12(without skull) (These skulls are only available if you have one already since they can go as much as $170 or more)

23M. 24M.  Some Lanyards on a friend's knives and flashlights in Germany. Thanks Dietmar.
25M.  Another of the shark teeth lanyards on one of Greg's folders 26M.  Some more of my lanyards on Greg's knives

27M. Nice monkey fist on Thomas's CQC-14.

28M. Joe Caswell's knife with my lanyard.  He is calling this knife his CK-1.

29M.  Same knife as on left but showing his new system of lanyard attachment.  His site is at

30M.  Several knives I put lanyards on that were fun since I was actually able to put it directly on the knife and cater it to the knife's characteristics.

31M.  Like this little guy with the skull at the end.  Spyderco "Spin". $9 shipped

32M. This was one of my favorites going to a female I did a finish braid a flayed the cord out in tails.

33M.  Lanyard I made for 'Dave 22's" project tritium fob on the USN.  Use some nice alternate knots to make it interesting and the acu camo blended in nicely with the tritnium fobs colors.

34M.  Cobra stitch glow pull on one of Crawford's flippers.

35M.  Another pic of the Crawford

36M.  Couple of square sinnets on Frank's knives.

37M. Dave's Hinderer's with my lanyards on them.

38M. Knives opened.

39M. Other side of his knives.

40M. Nice Tom Krein Caper with my small monkey fist for Jeff's knife.

41M. Glow pull on a Krein tk-11 of Jeff's.

42M. Nice square sinnets with glow end and glow skull on some great titanium whistles of Dave's.

43M. Off to the left you will see a super-mega skull on a snake weave lanyard with glow eyes.  $14

44M. Friend in Sweden with his cute dog. $20

45M.  The whole outfit with the leash. $26

45Ma.  another good shot of Raymon's dog with leash and collar.  He looks very stoic there :) 46Ma. Pocket bushmaster with skull and snake weave. 46Mb.  a few of ADM knives with my lanyards on them.
46M. Round sinnet on John's Swiss with firesteel embedded inside. $9 47M. Titanium bead on glow in the dark tracer od cord. $15 48M. ADM knife with one of my lanyards. $10
49M. One of my little monkey fists out of 2mm cord on a Munroe guardrail. $12 50M. Another pic of #49


51M. One of my tiny monkey fists used on a key chain

52M.  Wrapped typical strider way with lanyard extended on end for $17 on this particular one.

53M. Nice snake weave with a tadgear pendant on the end. 


55M. Square stitch with core in.

56M. Small Fist with 2mm on a nice WeeRazel. $14

57M. Nice chocolate brown 2mm sized monkey fist on necker. $14

58M. Couple of Spartan beads on some od and glow-in-the-dark tracer cord. $10(when available)

59M. Spartan lanyard as a zipper pull $10 when cord is available.

60M. another example of the spartan lanyard.

61M. Square stitch with glow pull and glow-in-the-dark skull hooked to Dave's nice titanium whistle. $7

62M. Diamond braided double hooked lanyard with an emerson skull.  $20

63M. Typical toxic green and black badge lanyard. $15

64M. A badge lanyard in grey and black with a bead toward the bottom.  $15

65M. Simple but effective wrist lanyard to keep a good grip on your knife.  Uses a Chinese button knot as a slider. $5

66M. Big skull with glow eyes along with a snake stitch in od green and desert camo showing off this Hinderer Firetac. $16

67M. Another view of 66.

68M. monkey fist using 2mm cord on a strider pt. $12

69M. A white type 1 cord fist. $12

70M. Nice snakeweave ending with a Lanyard Zone skull. $12

71M. Nice pic Dave took of my lanyard on one of his whistles. $7

72M. Matching lanyard and badge. $22

73M. Badge lanyard I made for a friend. $22

74M. grey snake weave with one of LZ's nice skulls on top.

75M. Snake weave on a nice Graham knife. $10


76M. Tied this one directly to the kydex sheath.  Matched the knife colors well.

77M. 3 1/2" monkey fist/circle stitch combo. $17  

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