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Neck Lanyard Section

Some skull and bead choices to put on your lanyard but not limited to these.  Some like the first and sixth are on a limited basis. Realize the items below may be in stock and may not but usually can order them.

Skulls available as of 12/27/11

1N. nice half-hitch necker ready to clip on a badge. $15

2N. This one can be adjusted like the bolo style necklaces making it fit narrower on the chest.  Keeps the necker from swinging out to the side. $22

3N.  Here you can see 2N adjusted up more with the turks head knot.

3AN. New bolo style necker with the adjustable turks head to make the lanyard lie more in the center of your chest. Can make these in any two colors or one solid color. $22 3BN.  Same but having the knot down lower. 3CN. Here it shows the lanyard closer up with the knot down more.

3DN.  Here the knot is up farther. 3EN.  This one and the one to the right show two different diamond weaves that are possible. $27 with skull. 3FN. Alternating diamond weave. $22
4N. Same style as #19 with one clip. $22 shipped with emerson skull 5N.Neck lanyards with tad gear hooks. $11 6N. Another example of one like 3AN
7N. Using a gaucho knot at the bottom gives this one a nice unique look.  $22 8N.  Really like this because it has functionality, flexibility, durability and good looks. Figured at most knife shows, etc. you need to be able to hook on to two badges like your usn badge and the show badge. You could also use them for whatever you want. They are adjustable since they consist of hangman's nooses. Next is a butterfly knot and following that is a short snake weave. On the neck end I made it so you can adjust the whole lanyard according to how long you want it to hang. I made it in black since that goes well with anything but can make them in toxic green, reflective black or yellow(reflective costs a dollar more), etc. but they can only be in one color. Price is $15. 9N.
13N. These make great badge/neck knife/keys or gadget neck lanyards.  Nice and light and soft around your neck. $22 shipped 14N. Nice style of neck lanyard using a snake weave and hangman's nooses. $22 shipped 15N. Single strand necker with turks head knot and two hooks.  Hooks and number of them can be changed. $15 + shipping.  Color choices are yours as well.
16N. 17N.  18N.  New style using a spool to weave the type 1 paracord into a round weave.  Diameter is the same as the ones like in #30.  $20
19N.  .Nice two tan colored necker  $22  shipped 20N. 21N..Me wearing the one in #18N

22N.  Same style as #22 but with a nice round turks head double-color knot. $22 shipped 23N. Another view of 22 24N.  Nice bunch of diamond weave ones with an emerson skull at the bottom and two clips.$27 shipped
25N. Like #19 but with nice swivel hook on one side.  $18 shipped  26N. Spoolweave like #32 but smaller diameter using 2 nails making it about 1/4" in diameter. $20 27N.Great lanyard for a badge or neck knife with a breakaway at the top.  Going for $22.


28N.  Nice spool weave necker with antler handled firesteel.  This one is sold but selling similiar ones for $25. Cord is the type 1 smaller diameter going in black, brown, grey or od. 29N. Obsidian arrowhead with wire lacing held by a two-nail spoolweave necker. Colors of cord can be brown, grey, od and black and arrowheads can be smaller or larger in black or brown/black. $20  

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