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Other Peoples' Lanyards


1. A half twist cobra stitch with a monkey fist on the end.

2. A cobra and two half twists.

3. Another half twist with silver skull

4. This one has the white part that glows in the dark made by Stormdrane.  Very Nice!

5. A nice monkey fist with a turkshead.

6. Really like the one EDC makes with the weave.

7. Ghostrider(David) made this one.  Excellent design and unique.

8. Nice bracelets made by a young girl. 9. Great weave made by Ghostrider.

10. Another by Ghostrider

11. Another by Ghostrider


13. Some more nice monkey fists by Ghostrider 14. 15.
16. 17. Beautiful twisted cobra stitch at 90 degree angles by Ghostrider. 18.

19. Another of Ghostrider's lanyards


21. Christmas ornaments!

22. Pineapple knot

23. 24. Ghostrider made this for TKC as a gift.
25. My son's "bolo" combo of monkey fists. Whole thing measures 21 1/2" long using three 1" ball bearings with a 6 strand sided ball.  Quite a "lanyard"! 26.  Eric Carrol's example of a nice wrap and lanyard. 27.  Some more of Eric's lanyards and wraps.
28. Deanno's bracelets; one regular cobra and one using a snake stitch. 29. Deano's clips 30. Deano's neon lanyards
31.  nice half-hitch weave with lanyard knot close to loop.    

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