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People wearing my lanyards

3AN. New bolo style necker with the adjustable turks head to make the lanyard lie more in the center of your chest. Can make these in any two colors or one solid color. $22 3BN.  Same but having the knot down lower. 3CN. Here it shows the lanyard closer up with the knot down more.
4N. Alternate diamond weave on the left for Brian. $22 19N. Made this for a fellow usner with a nice turks head knot and emerson skull. $27 20N.  usn member using one of my neckers for a badge lanyard.
21N. Another pic of a badge lanyard with one of Santi's cool skulls. 22N. Good example of a spoolweave necker connected to a neck knife. 23N. Good example of a friend wearing one of my lanyards at a knife get-together.   $22 shipped
24N. Nice keeper attached to a buckle which has a short lanyard attached to the knife.  This way he can unclip the knife with the buckle and have it be a little more mobile. 25N. Another way to use the spoolweave hooked to a pendant. 26N. Brian wearing my alternate diamond weave necker for his badges. $22
27N. Gaucho knot above the snake weave adding a little of customization.    

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